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A while back, I had a friend ask if I could recommend any black-owned (hemp) CBD companies. It alarmed me that I couldn't think of any right off the top of my head, but I could name a number of white-owned (hemp) CBD companies immediately. In order to prevent this from happening again, I'm working to put together a list of PoC- and WoC-owned cannabis businesses, so we don't get too inundated by white-owned businesses in this industry.* This list includes LGBTQIA owners of color as well, so you’ll see that noted below. The PoC Cannabis Business Directory is created by you, the community, and compiled here as a resource for you as conscious cannabis consumers. I’ll continue to add to this list as you continue to submit more companies. This directory covers cannabis companies including, but not limited to dispensaries, farms/cultivators, THC-infused products, hemp products (which include most CBD products), accessories, lifestyle, media/press, financial services, and more ancillary organizations. If you are an owner of a business listed below and any information is incorrect, please reach out and notify me for requested changes.

Send this directory to people in your life so they can support these PoC-owned cannabis businesses. Use it as a resource when you travel to legal states or shop in your home state. Use this list for collaboration and community-building. Let’s start amplifying non-white owned cannabis businesses!

* Sorry not sorry white owners, you have more potential for access, resources, and privilege than owners of color do and this is a small way to offset that imbalance. If you have a problem with this, I encourage you to evaluate your uncomfortability and think about why this bothers you. You can contact me if you’re still bothered after your self-evaluation and I’ll re-explain the goals of this directory.


District Growers - Farm/Cultivator
Owner: Corey Barnette | Find in Washington, D.C.

The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company - Farm/Cultivator + THC product
Owner: Raft Hollingsworth III | Find in Washington

Zion Gardens - Farm/Cultivator
Owner: Aaron McCrary | Find in Nevada

Blunts+Moore - Dispensary
Owner: Brittany Moore | Find in California | Woman-owned

Elev8Cannabis - Dispensary
Owner: Seun Adedeji | Find in Oregon + Massachusetts

Euphorium - Dispensary
Owner: Charlita Brown | Find in California | Woman-owned

Mary & Main - Dispensary
Owner: Hope Wiseman | Find in Maryland | Woman-owned

National Holistic Healing Center - Dispensary
Owner: Dr. Chanda Macias | Find in Washington, D.C. | Woman-owned

Simply Pure - Dispensary
Owners: Wanda James and Scott Durrah | Find in Colorado | Woman-owned

SF Roots - THC product + Equity Org
Owner: Morris Kelly | Find in California

Viola Extracts - THC product
Owner: Al Harrington | Find in Colorado

Green Box - THC-infused product box + Hemp product box
Owner: Adrian Wayman | Find in Oregon + online

Leisure Life - THC-infused product
Owner: Amber Senter | Find in California | Woman-owned

Wise Hemp Company, LLC - THC-infused product
Owner: Wy Livingston | Find in Colorado

The Antidote - CBD Shop
Owner: Dashone Stanley | Find in California

Buena Botanicals - Hemp product
Owner: Rah Hines and Coral Hines | Find in Georgia, Florida + online | Woman-owned + Latinx-owned

Dehiya Beauty - Hemp product
Owner: Mia Chae Reddy | Find in California + online | Woman-owned + Asian-owned

Elio CBD - Hemp product
Owner: “Auntie Jackie” | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

Hemptation - Hemp product
Owner: Jeremy Skillings | Find in Vermont + online

Herb’n Essence - Hemp product
Owner: Alexis Hightower | Find online | Woman-owned

Kush & Cute - Hemp product
Owner: Iyana Edouard | Find online | Woman-owned

National Holistic Healthcare - Hemp product
Owner: Dr. Chanda Macias | Find online | Woman-owned

Ocanna - Hemp product
Owner: Karen Petersen | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Ohana CBD - Hemp product
Owner: Jasmin Thomas | Find in UK + online | Woman-owned

Oracle Wellness Co. - Hemp product
Owner: Megon Dee-Cave | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

S’Hemper Sweets - Hemp product
Owners: Darius Evans and Evarra Meadors | Find in North Carolina + online | Woman-owned

Apothecarry - Accessories
Owner: Whitney Beatty | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Ardent - Accessories/Tech
Owner: Shanel A. Lindsay | Find in Massachusetts + online | Woman-owned

Happy Thoughts & Co. - Accessories
Owner: Cyrelle Andrews | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

SMK BRK - Apparel
Owner: Laura Providence | Find online | Woman-owned

Culinary and Cannabis - Culinary experiences
Owner: Tamara Anderson | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Dine in with Daniella - Infused catering
Owner: Daniella Davis | Find in California | Woman-owned + Latinx-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Exotic 28 - Mobile caterer + personal chef
Owner: Chef DiMarco | Find in Washington

Femmes de la Fleur - Culinary experiences
Owners: Chi Walker and Jenna Michlin | Find in Michigan + online | Woman-owned

The Cannabis Doula - Caregiver services/Women’s health
Owner: Melanie Julion | Find in DC, Maryland + online | Woman-owned

Le Haute Spa - Spa event concierge
Owner: Shana Campbell | Find in NY | Woman-owned

California Cannabis Tours - Lifestyle/Tourism
Owner: Terence Latimer | Find in California

Cannaclusive - Lifestyle/Advocacy
Owner: Mary Pryor | Find in New York + online | Woman-owned

DJ VeeV - Lifestyle/Music
Owner: VeeV | Find in California | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

High Tide Tours - Lifestyle/Tourism
Owners: Joy Victoria Clarke and DeJanae Evins | Find in California | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Kannibee - Lifestyle/Experiences
Owner: Tony Johnson | Find in Massachusetts

GreenThumb - Lifestyle/Education
Owner: Calan Ma’lyn | Find in Philadelphia + online | Woman-owned

Zen & Kush - Lifestyle/Education
Owner: Lizzy Jeff | Find in California | Woman-owned

Humble Bloom - Education platform
Owners: Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh | Find in New York + online | Woman-owned

Mahogany Mary Event Group - Event company
Owner: Joy Victoria Clarke | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

InclusivePay - Financial services/Merchant accounts
Owners: Orleatha Smith and Kelly Raulerson | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned

Acquired Hires - Recruiting
Owner: Vee G. | Find online | Woman-owned

Colored Cannabis Collective - Nonprofit
Owner: Ahnya Smith | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

The Hood Incubator - Nonprofit community incubator
Owners: Lanese Martin and Ebele Ifedigbo | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Rudy & Bud - Branding/Marketing consulting
Owner: Quiana Cloud | Find in Georgia, UK + online | Woman-owned

Nicolle Callier - Content/Strategy consulting
Owner: Nicolle Callier | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

Bud Biz Lady - Content marketing/Writing
Owner: Alaina Dorsey | Find in Maryland + online | Woman-owned

Easy Consulting Studio - PR/Marketing consulting
Owner: Sharla Farrell | Find in Canada + online | Woman-owned

GreenLight Business Solutions, LLC - Cannabis business consulting
Owner: Tyrone Gomes | Find online

Toking Travels International - Cannabis travel consulting
Owner: Saskia Dure | Find online | Woman-owned


Gold Leaf Gardens - Farm/Cultivator + THC product
Owner: Nate Gibbs | Find in Washington

Khush Kush - Farm/Cultivator + THC product
Owners: Surjit Singh and Sunny Saini | Find in Washington

Nabis - Distributor
Owner: Vincent Ning | Find in California

Sons of Soil Brands - Distributor
Owner: Andrew Thao | Find in California

Hill Tribe Nation - THC product
Owner: Andrew Thao | Find in California

Leira Cannagars - THC product
Owner: Ariel Payopay | Find in Nevada + Washington

Mellows - THC-infused product
Owner: Stephanie Hua | Find in California | Woman-owned

Potli - THC-infused product + Hemp product
Owners: Felicity Chen and Christine Yi | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Threatsicles - THC-infused product
Owner: Rae | Find in California | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Kana Skincare - Hemp product
Owner: Janice Buu | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Kannai - Hemp product
Owners: Isabel Manimbo, Ivy Chu, and Alyssa Diaz | Find in California + online | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

KAYA Cosmeceuticals - Hemp product
Owner: Nikaya Kay Margheim | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned

My Happy Yoni - Hemp product box
Owner: Lily Sensimilla | Find in California + online | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Pot d’Huile - Hemp product
Owner: Yannick Crespo | Find in California + online

Barbari - Herbal product + Accessories
Owners: Meryl Montgomery and Valarie Sakota | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned

Blunted Objects - Accessories
Owner: Melodie Ling | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Pots4Pot - Accessories
Owner: Mila Lim | Find online | Woman-owned + Latinx-owned

Purple Rose Supply - Accessories
Owner: Sidney Quitorio | Find in California + online

Sundae School - Apparel
Owners: Dae Lim and Cindy Lim | Find in New York + online | Woman-owned

Sous Weed - Lifestyle/Culinary
Owner: Monica Lo | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

On the REVEL - Lifestyle/Events
Owner: Lulu Tsui and Jacobi Holland | Find in New York | Woman-owned + Black-owned

Jen Chan Massage - CHABA (Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids) massage
Owner: Jen Chan | Find in Washington | Woman-owned

Nomster Nails - Cannabis-friendly mobile nail salon
Owner: Nomi Miraj | Find in Oregon | Woman-owned

Meadow - Dispensary point-of-sale + delivery software
Owner: David Hua | Find in California

Amnesia Media - Influencer marketing platform
Owner: Courtney Wu | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

ALMOSTCONSULTING - Marketing consulting
Owner: Kieryn Wang | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

Cheechable - Design + Activism
Owner: Alicia Navarrette | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned


Premium Produce - Farm/Cultivator
Owner: Priscilla Vilchis | Find in Nevada | Woman-owned

MaryJae - Dispensary
Owner: Jae Graham | Find in Texas | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Heylo Cannabis - THC product
Owner: Laurel Friesen | Find in Washington | Woman-owned

Native Seed - THC + infused product
Owners: Robbie and Katy Villa | Find in California | Woman-owned

Sherbinskis - THC product
Owner: Mario Guzman | Find in California

Baked by Yaaaschef - THC-infused product
Owner: Alexandra K. | Find in California | Woman-owned + Native-owned + LGBTQIA-owned

Pleasure Peaks - THC-infused product
Owner: Antuanette Gomez | Find in Canada | Woman-owned

Trippy Hippy Psychedelic Desserts - THC-infused product
Owner: Lizzy Rodriguez | Find in California | Woman-owned

Raising Vibes - Hemp farm + product
Owner: Alessandra Gastaldello | Find in Colorado + online | Woman-owned

The Botanical Joint - Hemp farm + product
Owner: Sue Carlton | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned + Native-owned

Functional Goods - Hemp product
Owner: Laura Facussé | Find online | Woman-owned

Happy Organics - Hemp product
Owner: Jessica Gonzalez | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Make & Mary - Hemp product + Lifestyle/Events
Owner: Yvonne Perez Emerson | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned + Native-owned

Open Apothecary - Hemp product
Owner: Hanah Salas | Find in California + online | Woman-owned

Ourturnatives - Hemp product
Owners: Amy Flores and Maddox Guerilla | Find in New York | Woman-owned + Black-owned

Xula CBD - Hemp product + Spanish-language cannabis education platform
Owner: Karina Primelles | Find in Mexico + online | Woman-owned

PLANDA - Culinary experiences
Owner: Rocio Vargas | Find in Illinois + online | Woman-owned

AriLechuga CBD - Lifestyle/Spanish-language cannabis education
Owner: Ariadne Lechuga | Find online | Woman-owned

¡High Mi Madre! - Lifestyle/Education
Owners: Emily Ramos, Pilar De Jesus, Stasia Quiñones, Karamvir Bhatti, Adriana Mendoza, Raybblin Vargas | Find in New York + online | Woman-owned + LGBTQIA-owned + Black-owned + Asian-owned

Direct Cannabis Network - B2B media
Owner: Adelia Carrillo | Find online | Woman-owned

Mary’s List - Cannabis freelance platform
Owner: Denise Biderman | Find in Colorado + online | Woman-owned


Native Humboldt Farms - Farm/Cultivator
Owner: Lindsey Renner| Find in California | Woman-owned

Commencement Bay Cannabis - Dispensary
Owner: Puyallup Tribe | Find in Washington

Karmic Bath - Hemp product
Owner: Cynthia Maldonado | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

High Society Collection - Accessories
Owner: Erin Colvin | Find in Oregon + online | Woman-owned

Some Babes Blaze - Accessories
Owner: Caitlyn | Find in Washington + online | Woman-owned

Have a PoC-owned cannabis company you want to add to the list? You can submit them in the embedded Google Form on this page or you can click the button below to share.